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Pro Laced Boots

Pro Laced Boots
98,00 €
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Pro Laced Boots



Abbiamo voluto dare a questo stivale un supporto di ultima generazione per uscire al trapezio. Contemporaneamente è molto confortevole indossato con mute stagne o wet socks a seconda della stagione.



Consigliamo di lavare a mano con acqua calda e sapone. Lasciare asciugare all'aria.




This boot has been inspired by the traditional Aigle ´blue and white´ boot that is sadly not manufactured anymore. We wanted to give this boot the ultimate support for hiking and trapezing together with the adaptability for wearing with drysuits or wet socks depending on the season. Its elastic lace up style accommodates widely varying ankle and foot size widths. We have had samples on test for over 18 months and our testers all said that this was their favourite boot.


"I could not wrestle my sample pair from my wife despite my pleading. I AM going to get a pair from production - Hands Off!"

Steve Cockerill



We recommend hand washing in warm soapy water and allowing to air dry.